"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”.  - St. Augustine

Queen of Wine Travel About Us

Born out of our love of fine wines, delicious food and travel, Alanna Hulko  is the owner of Queen of Wine Travel.

She has many years experience in this industry both as an avid traveller and as a trained travel agent. She chose this business name due to her love of wine as a level II Sommelier and of travel as a lifelong wanderer and gypsy at heart. She lived in New Zealand and Australia and has toured many of those wine regions extensively. Travel for her is a lifetime of learning and growing.

She trained as a travel agent in 1993 and used that training for more than 10 years in the hotel industry; after which she pursued her studies in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, AB and ran a Jin Shin Do Acupressure business named Chameleon dreams Acupressure. After graduating and completing her studies Chameleon Dreams Acupressure morphed into Chameleon Dreams Acupuncture in the SW of Calgary. Her practice ran for just over two years prior to relocating to the beautiful Victoria, BC.

So began her journey into online marketing. As many marketers will tell you, rarely do you find the right business the first time out, or even the second. Alanna tried more than 6 network marketing businesses before realizing that her true passion combined wine and travel. This led to ISG or International Sommelier Guild and the first two levels of sommelier training followed by finding the right online business for her travel needs.


Let her show you how to travel for less and what wines to sample next through her wine blog.